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For the first time in my life I went and got someone, a professional to correctly fit me into a bra. 

You know what?  A bra that actually fits, is the most comfortable, delightful experience that money can buy.

It’s all about the right cup size.

You’ve seen the girls with the bra’s that a clearly too small because you can see their breasticles being smooshed out of it under their t-shirts.  I can assure you, those girls are not comfortable.  Those girls probably have under wires poking in, in all the wrong places.

Here’s an example I found of a poorly fitted bra showing the breast being smooshed out the top.

This image was found at Bra Fitting Cicade

If you are worried about your uncomfortable poorly fitted boobies in a wrong sized bra, take note you are currently reading this on the internet.  Make use of your favourite search engine and look up how to fit a bra, if you are too shy to seek help from a professional.  There are YouTube videos which you can search for as well.

I love my new bra, I plan on getting more that actually fit right.  You should do it too.  Not only will your breasties feel extreme comfort and support they will look better too, because they wont be looking strangled and mangled by a bra that is too small.

Get Fitted.


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So 2010 seems to have an abundance of purpose and directions all of a sudden.  Me becoming a little joiner so it would seem.

Firstly I have enrolled in a Tertiary Preparation class with intentions of going to University next year.  For perhaps… wait for it… a degree in English Literature, followed by a Diploma of Education (which of course would be a back up skill, if I fail at using the English Literature degree on its own).

I am excited for me.

Today was my very last day of community service too, 250 hours done, two hundred and fifty hours!  I am going to miss my op-shop nannas.  On the way out I grabbed a form to return as a volunteer worker, hopefully I’ll have time between school and work for it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do at least half a day a week.

I deleted my Facebook account.  I am proud of that. 

I have set myself the 50 book challenge, except so far I seem to be reading at a slimy little snails pace.  Haven’t even finished two books yet. 

I am almost finished reading The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M Auel.

I think I am a little fatigued from all the sex, sometimes whilst reading I’m thinking is 3-4 pages of sensual sexual sex really vital to the plot?  These epic sex scenes are just a little too epic, there isn’t even any build up to these sex scenes, it just feels like I’m getting laid at least once a chapter. 

I’m starting to feel the need to just flick through sex scenes to get to the actual story.  Given there are parts where it is needed and I suppose the descriptive mush of it all is required, but most of the scenes I feel the author could just say ‘they had epic sex’ the continue on with the stuff that counts, instead of padding out an epic story with so many luscious scenes of fornication.

So far, regardless of the fatiguing fornication I am enjoying The Mammoth Hunters.

Maybe I should go finish it now, then set myself more achievable goals.

-TTFN, Ta Ta For Now (as T-I-Double G-Rrrrr would say)

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The adventure began on a steamy New Years Eve, as my manfriend and I headed north to Sutherland for a quiet celebration with friends.  As usual I probably drank too much and made an arse of myself, but then again I wouldn’t care.

In the morning with a hangover containing the wrath of all the gods who look down upon merrymaking and the likes my manfriend and I set off on our continuing journey north.  Thankfully I don’t drive anymore, I quite possibly may have been arrested if i had.

Within twenty minutes of driving I requested a pitt stop.  I promptly entered unsuspecting Caltex garage and evacuated a liquid layer of filth from my stomach.  Thankfully none of my breakfast was wasted, just liquidy grossness.  Man did I feel better for it.  After brushing my teeth at the boot of the car, I quietly got back in and said little and kept as quiet as possible.

To tell the truth, for most of the driving to Croki I just slept and felt DISGUSTING, focusing all my energy and inner ‘strength’ on not vomiting again.  Which was no easy feat.

As you can see below the most miserable looking person on New Years Day below, me.

Anyway, Croki was quite picturesque, located on the Manning River.  We were lucky enough to get the tent and bedding set up before the rain set in.  Good evening for a outdoor event.  Anyway being the sometimes anti-social little beaver that I am I set out to explore the surrounding area with my camera rather than mingle.  Here are some pics from the Croki area.

That was fun.  Mind you I got in massive amounts of trouble off the significant other because I failed to take photos of actual people.  Oops!  My defence was quite weak, I claimed but it’s awkward to take photos of people you don’t know.

So the morning after the engagement party we set of Northward again, this time toward my family in Sawtell.

To Be Continued…

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