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Third week in.  Busy as a little beaver, busy like a squirrel preparing for winter.  All these exciting new things to learn and think about, and all the things I already know being rehashed in a class environment, boring me to the deaths.

First interesting task, was to prove to a teacher that we know how to use our Library cards. (Chuckle, like all good grown ups know how, right…)  So to prove that I know how, I borrowed The Catcher In The Rye, it was basically the only thing on my extensive “to read” list the TAFE library had. 

So I finally actually read it.  It was delightful, in a really angsty teen way. I wish I had read that when I was 16 or something.  Not that I didn’t appreciate it, but I think I may have brooded more if I had read it then.  As if I needed that.

I’ll come back when I have something more prepared.

Blog stats are crapper than ever.  Zero comments.  Going strong.  My new goal is to go from less than 10 hits a week to zero.  Now this is an achievable goal I think.  Don’t you blog viewing buttholes ruin this for me!!!

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Dear Author,

Why is it that when your series is marketed as a trilogy, even to the point where it clearly states on the cover something along the lines of – the third and final book, that it is a thrilling conclusion to the series.  Only to have posted on your website the 4th instalment coming to you in March 2011.

I hate you.

I hate your series.

So much that I read the first two books this week.

So much that I am about to start the third.

I keep saying after I finish reading a series that I will never start one again.  Boy do I get sucked in every time.

On a positive – I got my “Wreck This Journal” today.  I love it.

The End

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Ok Lads and Lasses, since the last time we met here in this seedy online branch of the tree…

I have finally finished reading The Mammoth Hunters.  I trudged through the excessive amount of overwritten sex scenes and the daytime soap scenarios, I found many wise inspirational little pearls and I cried like a baby near the end.  It ended predictably, but nicely.

I have started reading some ‘juvenile’ fiction – Fallen by Lauren Kate, so far I’m thinking it’ll blend in with all the other ‘popular’ paranormal romance books out there for young adults at the moment.  I’m really hoping something makes it stand apart from all the others – mainly because the image on the cover is absolutely stunning.  (but let’s not get all judging books by there covers, we’ll see how it goes.)

After enrolling I had to trek to my mothers house to find my scientific calculator.  Now wasn’t that fun.

My mum took me to the shops.  I got new shoes.  You want to see them?  You have to see them.  Words cannot describe the awesomeness of my new shoes.

Are they not freaking unbelievably awesome, especially for a mature age student going back to education?  I think yes!!

I want to wear them every where, they are so comfortable.  I want to sleep in them, I want to dance in them, I want to walk in them, I want to leave them on during sex and I want to jump up and down on the spot in them until every one knows how freaking cool MY new shoes are!

Right now I am listening to a compilation of Space Rock, which came in a Classic Rock magazine.  The last song Planet by Mangoo, was pretty schweet if anyone cares to listen – Click Here.

Anyway – That’s all I care about today. 

-Live long and prosper

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