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So, my cousin got knocked up.

She’s married.  I didn’t really get her a present for her wedding, although I was a bridesmaid.  I was kind of pissed off about that.  I had to pay for my own dress.  $300-ish for a floor length lilac dress.  I am never going to wear that again.  Then in her thankyou note, she said:

… you, my only female cousin who I see as a sister, made the day all the more special… All my love.

I felt like an arsehole for being irritated by the dress and writing my name on the present my parents gave her.  So when she said she was knocked up, I thought it would be nice to crochet a blanket for her baby girl, who is expected this May.

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I thought I’d start it in January, so I’d have plenty of time to finish it.  Also I didn’t want to be stressing out mid-session at uni – trying to write essays and finish a blanket.

I started making it on the 8th of January.  These were the colours I picked.  My cousin’s favourite colour is aqua – it was hard to find colours that went with that.  But I sent her photo’s of a few options, to see what she thought.  This was her favourite combination.  I was a little concerned about the navy blue.

After I got home, I started crocheting like a demon possessed.  I liked this pattern, it was a join as you go granny pattern.

It grew really quickly.

Then I had to stop for a couple of days to write an essay for summer session.  After that I got back in to crocheting this speedy little speed blanket.

All of a sudden, the majority of the blanket was finished.  All that was left was to edge it and then the horrid task of stitching in all those little loose ends.  WORST PART OF BLANKET MAKING EVER!

But yesterday, in between reading and watching the  BBC’s Pride and Prejudice I finally finished it.  I made an entire blanket in less that a month.  Sometimes I really impress myself.  Like really impress myself.

It might even be the most impressive blanket I have ever made.  It is for a baby girl.  It is not pastel.  It is not pink.  Nobody else has this blanket.  I kind of like how it turned out.  I don’t think it is gender specific and I don’t care what anyone thinks. 

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I have been MIA for quite some time.  I wont lie to you and pretend I’ve been too busy to blog.  I have been busy, but truth be told, the reason I have not blogged in so long is the complete lack of motivation.  In other words, I am the laziest person alive.  I have these incredible ideas and aspirations, none of which I follow through.  This time around, I make no promises of a regular, weekly blog as I have aspired to deliver in the past.  This time, let us agree on sporadic entries to this bloggity blog of mine.  This time nobody will be let down. So let us begin again, with no prior expectations.

It is my second semester at university.  I also made a promise to myself, that I’d be more organised, that I’d remain on top of my readings.  I promised to be more like Hermione Granger.  I won the first and second weeks, I really did.  It is now the third and I good citizens of Earth, am not winning.  The unfortunate luck of drawing the shortest straw and having to present the first history presentation has set me very much behind.  This week, I am not on top.  This week, I am swamped, distraught and consumed by panic and nerves.  I need to get on top of this – by Thursday. 

Now for the most important thing that happened today.  This very morning, whilst eating vegemite on toast, on my comfy couch, reading articles about the French Revolution, there was a knock on my front door.  It is highly unusual for there to be a knocking on my door before 9’o’clock in the morning.  So in my pyjamas I trudged to the door, still slightly tired.  I proceeded to open the door and to my astonishment, good citizens of earth, there was nobody there.  My efforts were not in vain, there was a package resting against my screen door.  It was a shiny USPS package.  Which could mean only one thing.  It was at this point that I proceeded to lose my sh*t.  It had finally arrived.  LOOK!

I skimmed through the pages, knowing that I could not fully dive in, to the stories and moments of fellow Harry Potter fans.  Because unfortunately I, attempting to be more like Hermione Granger, was to spend the day studying my head off.  (not very successfully, mind you.)

On to craftier things.  Look what else I got this week!  Guess what these delightful balls of yarn are going to be!!!! 

Also this one below is a sneak peek for Stephanie Pellegrin this is the super top secret pink awesomeness that I am creating for her loveliness.  Crocheted goodness, just like Molly Weasley intended.

Anyway sweethearts, I have to go get ready for work.  TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now)

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Do you remember along time ago when I started making this?


This was the itty bitty plan.

The lovely delightful colours I chose.

The first set of colours! Oh the memories.


Making BILLIONS of tiny little squares.  They almost grew as fast as the lucky baby who belongs to this blanket. (Nephew)

The checking of size.  I remember going ‘Ooh almost half a blankets worth of little square bits’


The absolute agony of joining all the little squares together.  Wanting to kill myself rather than sew all these little ends in and chop all the loose threads off.


Well I forgot to give you the big TA DA! I finished it blog post!

I finished it quite literally the day before (3rd Sept) the baby shower, which was the 4th of September. 

The creation of this lovely cuddly snuggly nightmare to assemble began on the 11th of June 2010.

The baby is likely to be born this week or the next, so now probably really is a good to to celebrate this accomplishment.

So here it is!

Now if only I could accomplish finishing my ESSAY ON CLEOPATRA before tomorrow!

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First of all if you haven’t watched this yet.  Do it.  I was so excited I cried a little. 


I only read two books in June.  I don’t know about you but this literally devastates me.  Although this despicable effort does have a great reason behind it,  I banned myself from any leisurely reading until all my final essays and assignments had been written and handed in.  I did cut it quite close, my final essay was finished around lunch time on the first marking day and luckily my teacher let me email it to her.  That could have been a disaster.  I did get reasonably good marks for it too, so I can’t complain there.

Admin at the campus said all of our results would be mailed to us during student vacation.  It is now week two and I have not received anything yet… I am waiting very patiently.  Maybe I should check online…

Ok I did.  Results aren’t bad either.  Even the subjects that I didn’t really apply myself are reasonably scored, both are over 70% so that my dear = CREDIT!.  I am really impressed with my statistics score – 93%, people.  That is pretty darn schweet considering I practically failed maths in high-school.  90% in literature (I promise I will pick up my game next semester, field of choice) and I am a smidge disappointed in my LALS score, as I really worked my butt off – 87% so I’m really going to have to impress that teacher next term.  But I suppose 87% is a good mark because she marks REALLY REALLY HARD! I need other peoples scores to compare myself.  I need a RANK!

My Eclipse Review

So one of my first things to do these holidays was to see Eclipse.  Don’t you dare judge me.  It was reasonable except for every scene being an EXTREME CLOSE UP!!  It almost made me puke.  Oh and the corny factor, cliché to the MAX! While watching, it brought up those intense feelings of wanting to smack down with Stephenie Meyer.  Ok so it’s a well known fact that the Twilight Saga is horrendous literature, poorly written and so on and so forth, right? Yes. Then later on while watching this… picture below (don’t judge me here either) 

Anyway I give 15 points to Taylor Lautner for stating the obvious ‘I’m hotter than you’ HA F*@#ing HA.  Other than that it was as cheesy and terrible as you’d expect, there were some fun action scenes, nothing amazing.  The wolves were hot, Emmet was hot and Edward was moody not worth drooling over.

It occurred to me, the literary injustice of it all.  Stephenie Meyer, instead of going down the path to greatness she stumbled on the sugar-coated, gooey caramel stuff, where everyone lives happily ever after.  As it is so wonderfully pointed out in Dawson’s Creek, the purpose of a love triangle is, that for every amount of happiness there are equal amounts of pain.  In my opinion Twilight could have been more ‘epic’ had she not taken the weak road. 
Instead of inventing some bogus character for Jacob to imprint on, she should have killed him or left him wallowing for all eternity or something remotely interesting . 

Good stories don’t have happily pukefest ever afters (except Harry Potter, but there was lots of pain and death so it deserved a light at the end of the tunnel) Scarlett does not live happily ever after with Rhett = great fiction, Heathcliff doesn’t really get Cathy = great fiction, Romeo and Juliet do not live happily ever after, Jack and Rose do not survive Titanic together, Gilbert Grapes mum dies! Dumbledore dies!, Dawson and Joey do not end up together (thank god).  You get the point right?  Jacob is the pain – he shouldn’t get such a cop out weakly written crap ending.  Did she run out of ideas or something?  Garrrrrr, I cannot keep going, I will get punchy!

Anyway so I’ve been working on my top secret crochet project which is a present for a baby that isn’t born (jess if you read this DON’T TELL ANYONE!!)
For people interested in crocheting the colours I’ve chosen (pictured below) are Panda Magnum Soft 8 Ply (they feel luscious to touch), colour numbers are blue-4603, green–1385, red–9275, orange-4422 and white-4600.

So far I’ve only completed two sets of squares and have started the third.  See.

If you want to make a blankie of your own Pip from Meet Me At Mikes has some pretty good tutorials.

Or you could check out these super colourful ones from Lucy at Attic24

I love these ladies.



Last night I picked this back up. 

I don’t really know if I like it, but it’s quite interesting.  Good arguments too.  Tell you when I’m finished. 


Pieces of today…

Gnarly Clouds of Doom!

Poisonous Delights

Charlie McDonnell has a new song about Monkeys

Finn wanted to be included, whilst I was outside taking pictures.  Yay, heart him everyone.  We love him.  Well I do.


June Book Wrap Up (late much and pathetic)

Radiant ShadowsDead in the Family

Books Read in June: 2
Authors Read in May: 2
Radiant Shadows – Melissa Marr
Dead In The Family – Charlaine Harris
Total Number of Pages in May: 651

Now I am going to go do stuff. 

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Another weekend gone and now it’s Tuesday.  Already.  As far as mine went, the weekend was quite uneventful especially if we are going to discuss social interaction, which I can tell you we aren’t.

So for all the nerds and crafters out there (maybe even Nerd-Crafters), I want you to know – I’ve done it!  Something in my brain has finally clicked in to the right place and I can follow an Amigurumi pattern. 

Below is a picture of my very first Amigurumi creation.  Don’t be to harsh with your judgment – he is my first.  I’m sure you’ve all made terrible firsts before.  So be nice, you don’t want to hurt his little mushroom feelings now do you?

As you can see it is a Super Mushroom from Super Mario Bros.  If you like him you can get the pattern from this website HERE! 

Not only does this ladies site have easy beginner patterns like this one, she has full patterns to make an actual Mario and a Luigi and heaps more fun things.  She even has 10 or more Pokemon for you to choose from.

As a first timer there were parts of this pattern that didn’t make sense but if you look up what all the abbreviations mean in a how to crochet book or online you should be able to work it out.  Also there are plenty of crochet tutorials and blogs out there that a very helpful to beginners like myself.

The red mushroom above was unfortunately stuffed with old plastic bags because I was too excited to wait to go to the shop and get some stuffing, but this green one is properly stuffed and looks a lot nicer because I looked at some tutorials and learned how to do decreases properly.  This easy tutorial is quite helpful.

So after a day or so, I went and got some stuffing.

And this began.

Which eventually became this…

He’s not entirely finished because he needs his spots.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends.  He’s not really the right shade of green either, but it’s all I had.

As you can see the properly stuffed one looks HUGE, compared to the poorly stuffed with plastic bags one. 

Enough of those. Some books from this week.

Coonardoo         Scarlett Fever

As far as reading goes this month it has been very tough indeed.  I literally trudged my way through the first 5 chapters of a novel named Coonardoo for TAFE.  It was so excruciatingly slow.  I had to read the first 5 chapters twice because my brain just kept dying and not retaining anything.  I finally got past them and the ‘crappest*’ book ever turned into a half decent read.  Pretty tragic story actually.

Within two days of reading that and I decided I was ready to choose something I actually wanted to read.  It was Scarlett Fever, Maureen Johnson’s sequel to Suite Scarlett.  It was a fun quick read, too bad it ended so soon.  Damned Johnson and her cliff-hanger ending!  I anticipate the third.

Now I really should do my homework. 

*This is a direct quote from another student in my class. Not my opinion.

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I have been a busy little rabbit this month.  In between assignments for TAFE and going to work, I have managed to squeeze in a smidgen of woolly goodness.

I have been fantasising deeply about one day having a little online Made It store or a little Etsy store of my very own – to sell scarves and other bits of woolly goodness. 

So I have been knitting away making these fabulous looking scarves, hoping to create a stockpile for selling.  Problem is, I fall in love with the awesome colours and the feel of them and want to keep them for my selfish little self.

Maybe I will have to make two of each of the ones I have particular crushes on.  For example the one located in the fourth picture down on the left hand side of the mosaic.  It is totally fabulous – I want to get married in a blizzard wearing it that is how much I love it.

I’ve also been learning some new granny squares from this fabulous book.

Seven Awesome Things – This Week

1. I didn’t have to to my speech on a contemporary Australian Human Rights issue this week.  However, I have to go first on Tuesday.  I am completely unprepared.

2. I think yesterdays blog post was pretty awesome.  I also created a forum at Nerdfighters to see what other people had to say about it.  Thank you Frankie for the awesome questions.

3. I made the most delicious roast chicken on Wednesday night.  The recipe can be found in Jamie Oliver’s cook book – The Ministry of Food.  While it was cooking the house smelled amazingly edible.

4. I watched one of my all time favourite movies – Dirty Dancing.  I completely  and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

5. My cat Finn and I took a lovely nap on the couch together after working our little butts off doing the laundry and weeding the garden.

6. I’m still reading The Time Traveller’s Wife (slowly, because I’ve got to squeeze study and homework in somewhere), I think I am a little bit in love with Henry.

7. I got a package in the mail from my awesome friend.  It has Star Wars Pez.  I promptly wrote her a reply on cute stationery and skipped like a doofus to the post box and sent it on it’s happy little way.  Mail is fun.  More fun than e-mails.

TTFN – (Ta Ta For Now)

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So my new phone, finally got delivered today.

So happy.

Before anyone even dreams to think that I got an iPhone, let me assure you, I certainly did not.

Instead, I opted for an e series nokia. It is fabulous, it does every thing and more. One thing i’m confident of, is the screen will no doubt survive longer than those of that apple contraption. Definitly don’t think i’ll need to worry so much about the smash factor.

I finished knitting a scarf last night, and have just begun knitting another.

I get so excited about winter. It’s coming, hooray.

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