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The adventure began on a steamy New Years Eve, as my manfriend and I headed north to Sutherland for a quiet celebration with friends.  As usual I probably drank too much and made an arse of myself, but then again I wouldn’t care.

In the morning with a hangover containing the wrath of all the gods who look down upon merrymaking and the likes my manfriend and I set off on our continuing journey north.  Thankfully I don’t drive anymore, I quite possibly may have been arrested if i had.

Within twenty minutes of driving I requested a pitt stop.  I promptly entered unsuspecting Caltex garage and evacuated a liquid layer of filth from my stomach.  Thankfully none of my breakfast was wasted, just liquidy grossness.  Man did I feel better for it.  After brushing my teeth at the boot of the car, I quietly got back in and said little and kept as quiet as possible.

To tell the truth, for most of the driving to Croki I just slept and felt DISGUSTING, focusing all my energy and inner ‘strength’ on not vomiting again.  Which was no easy feat.

As you can see below the most miserable looking person on New Years Day below, me.

Anyway, Croki was quite picturesque, located on the Manning River.  We were lucky enough to get the tent and bedding set up before the rain set in.  Good evening for a outdoor event.  Anyway being the sometimes anti-social little beaver that I am I set out to explore the surrounding area with my camera rather than mingle.  Here are some pics from the Croki area.

That was fun.  Mind you I got in massive amounts of trouble off the significant other because I failed to take photos of actual people.  Oops!  My defence was quite weak, I claimed but it’s awkward to take photos of people you don’t know.

So the morning after the engagement party we set of Northward again, this time toward my family in Sawtell.

To Be Continued…


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So I’ve half moved in with my boyfriend, into our lovely tiny little mansion of awesomeness.  We do not currently have an internet connection 😦

I was supposed to be spending the weekend at my parents, sorting through my things and packing them and generally preparing to move out properly.  So far I have managed to finish a bottle of rum with my friend last night and waste all of today lolling about hungover with an epic headache and severe nausea.  Thank Jebus I have not spewed.

Maybe I should get to the packing of things.

Too be continued, on the acquistion of an internet connection.

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