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So a few years ago, I read the classic romance Wuthering Heights, so naturally I loved every little tragic moment of it all.

Recently ABC had a 2 part mini-series which I missed, (Sadface) but with many thanks to iView I managed to watch it this week.  I can tell you I sat there and wept like a tormented little soul for most of it.  It was perfect.  What a beautifully made book to film adaptation.

It was this one in case you were wondering.


And then after you watch it I suggest listening to the original Kate Bush song of the same name ‘Wuthering Heights’ or this nice little cover by Josh Pyke.

Then go out side and look at the flowers and the sky and feel everything you can.  Weep if you must.


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Sunny Daze

How glorious to exist, a cloudless sky a glowing golden sun beckoning me to bathe in its glorious sunny golden love.  Even I am envious of me.  I am loved by two of the most adorable furry fellows to grace the planet, one of the two legged variety (who is so unfortunately at work in an office building) and the other of the four legged variety (who is also basking in the sun, like a furry lizard.  In between his crazy spasmodic runs from one side of the yard to the other).

I suppose your wondering why I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, (see I’m envisioning a blog read by hundreds here, but in reality I think one person really.  So a big shout out to my friend Renay, thanks for coming!!) well to tell the truth life and a cartoon series got in the way. 

Yes I did say a cartoon series.  Avatar The Last Air Bender, if you haven’t seen this series I recommend it.  You don’t even need to watch it with your children because it’s just that good.

I’ve been gardening like someone on destruction pills.  I have been pruning and removing and eradicating and just destroying this garden.  It sounds so violent, but it needs to happen.  To make room for the good plants and to let the sun into our super cold little yard of mud and mould and slime.  It is slowly working.  My two legged furry guy even got in on the action and dug out a HUGE tree stump.  What a man!!  Check out my pile of pruning’s.

But apart from the destruction I’ve been taking cuttings and taking care of little seeds that I planted.  Some have germinated.

I’ve been so very domestic since moving in with the Man.  Doing laundry, I don’t even know why but there is something satisfying about not letting him do it.  Cooking some fabulous creation every night for dinner, then washing our dishes.  Arranging and rearranging the food in the pantry, putting things in containers and canisters.  I like it.  Making tea in a tea pot and drinking it from a delicate tea cup like a real lady, is satisfying.

Sitting around starting new crochet projects when I still haven’t even finished the last.  But I am seriously loving just working with some different coloured yarn for a while.  I am also making the squares slightly bigger this time and am researching new joining methods.

Re-reading the Harry Potter series when there is a thousand other books in my pile of things to read or do.  Thinking about reading Anne of Green Gables because Renay made me jealous, with her crazy Green Gables inspired dress, she’ll probably blog it eventually (wink wink at you Renay)

Buying the continental recipe sachets, making it once then trying to make it again but without the sachet and making something that tastes even better.  Something fresher without thickening agents or preservatives, with super amounts of fresh vegetables and flavour exploding into every corner of your mouth. 

And now because I’m talking to my younger brothers friend on MSN we now have a funny comic to read online.  Hoorah!! Super Effective

Now for some spiritual fun, I just did a Chakra test to see what I have that’s blocked.  You can do one too Chakra Test 

I think I’m finished now.  I think I might crochet or start reading Anne Of Green Gables.

See you on the other side.

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Day off.  Huzzah!!  The way I choose to spend this rainy day off.  Weeping on the couch snuggled in a blankie watching Sense & Sensibility.  It makes me happy, knowing that I found my very own Colonel Brandon.  What a gem!  Alan Rickman *sigh*  Kate Winslet *sigh*

So my 21st century version of Colonel Brandon took me to the cinema on Saturday and we saw STAR TREK.  I promptly fell in love.  Man crush to the max!  I am certainly crushing on the new Captain Kirk (Chris Pine, who has an awesome set of eye brows just like my “Colonel”) and Spock, what good looking lads.  Oh and the movie was great too.  I even teared up in the opening sequence and other emotionally fuelled parts through out the film.  SEE IT NOW!!!

Star Trek – Go See It!

Chris Pine quinto-spock

Yum!  I want a job on the S.S Enterprise.

Back to the real world.  Catching a bus for 50mins to work each day SUCKS!  The best part is listening to a Harry Potter audio book on my IPod.  Also mentioning at the end of a work shift all I want to do is go home, but I have to wait and hour for a bus home then the 50min journey home!!!!  I just want to be home already.  Having to go to work sucks.

I made a key ring for my house keys, you want to see?  As if you get a choice the photo will go here.  =)


Also I’ve been crocheting my little fingers to the bone while watching TV, DVD’s you name it.  I need to be doing something with my hands otherwise I just fall into the chronic habit of chewing my skin around my fingers to the point of excessive bleeding and stinging.  Not cool.  The crocheting helps keep the little nasties away from my mouth and damaging them compulsively.

So I’ve been learning a few tricks (thanks to some handy blog sites)  I can now not only just crochet a granny square but I’ve just learned how to crochet Triangles and squares with circle centres and I’m just amazing to myself.  I’ll show you.

two types of squares

triangle sample one

You can learn to crochet too.  Here are some useful links:

Attic 24 – This lady is inspirational

Meet Me At Mikes

So I was at the Op-Shop the other day, doing my mandatory volunteer day and I found some pretty cool things.  I found a Pokemon board game.  Which I intend to give to my youngest brother (15 nearly 16) he is absolutely obsessed.  He plays Pokemon on his Nintendo DS all the time, so I thought the board game would be absolutely hilarious.  I even checked what was missing and out of the whole thing it’s only missing the dice, a character mover (big deal so 5 people can play instead of 6) and 2 cards.  Good Value.

pokemon board game from opshop present for geordy
Also I purchased myself a Harry Potter Trivia game, I’ll probably only ever play that with the younger brothers anyway.

harry potter trivia board game from opshop

Yes, I’m reverting to Harry Potter.  I personally need a break from Vampires.  Harry can give me that break.  Oh and not to mention the Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince film is coming to a cinema near you NEXT MONTH!!!!

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Trailer

Also at that lovely little Op-Shop I found a delightful little pocket size

Shakespeare Treasury.  Marianne from Sense & Sensibility would LOVE it.  It is just awesome.  I keep it in my Justice League backpack in case I get board at bus stops and things.

antique shakespeare opshop find

Ok, now Sense & Sensibility is finished so I’m thinking of continuing the binge.  I’m thinking Emma (the one with Kate Beckinsale, because Gwyneth Paltrow irritates me) then if I feel like it I might watch Mansfield Park then Northanger Abbey.  All whilst blogging and doing house chores of course.  I couldn’t just sit here all day bingeing.

Whilst talking about Austen binges I’d like to mention a Television series ‘Lost In Austen’.  I’ve heard some terrible things saying it butchered the classic Pride & Prejudice and that it was just plain stupid.  I think this may be the opinion of the kind of person who thinks Master Chef and Big Brother is good TV.  Lost in Austen was an amazingly clever spin on the classic, of course it didn’t follow the plot!!!  When the main character switches places with someone from our time of course that’s going to spin things out of normal.  Of course the plot and flow of the story you know is going to change.  That is why it is CLEVER and funny and entertaining.  That is what made it good TV.  I recommend watching it to anybody it was great.

Musically I’ve been listening to Angus and Julia Stone – A Book Like This it’s a great album because I can emote with it and feel it.  It’s painfully delicious!  Get it!!!  It is beautiful.

Well I’m off to binge on Austen while crocheting.

Love and Biscuits to you all!!!

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