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one for the road…

Dearest World of Blog,

Holy Crap On a Cracker! (big bang inspiration there)

Life has been incredibly busy. Between the Hunger Games, Family events, College and all the associated work that you get to take home (because you have nothing better to do in your spare time, right?) I have literally had no time for anything enjoyable. Like blogging and making pretty pictures for it.

Right now it’s almost midnight and I’m writing this on my phone in bed because I am having issues getting work out of my brain for some peace and quite. I want to go back to reading whatever it was I tried to start last weekend before I got bogged down by History!!

Now I’ve realised I haven’t even had time to blog about how incredible I thought the Hunger Games were. All those feelings I’ve pushed to the back of my brain, to make room for historical perspectives of Cleopatra and analysing themes that occurr in Macbeth. I think before I open up a can of Katniss, I might read the trilogy again before I make any official comments (official, cause my opinion is so important. Ha, I kill me.).

I’m still thinking about Cleopatra. Popularly portrayed as a devastatingly beautiful Egyptian seductress, but in reality a not very good looking (just look at her face on her coinage, not very pretty)Macedonian, maybe even a diabolical political schemer. All that is good and fun to ponder, the suck however is inolved in the writing of the essay and discussing the differing historical perspectives and evaluating them within historical context. Or something similar to that.

#note to self – when I get some time one day… Do a post that unveils the top secret baby blanket that I built.

Until then.



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