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So, my cousin got knocked up.

She’s married.  I didn’t really get her a present for her wedding, although I was a bridesmaid.  I was kind of pissed off about that.  I had to pay for my own dress.  $300-ish for a floor length lilac dress.  I am never going to wear that again.  Then in her thankyou note, she said:

… you, my only female cousin who I see as a sister, made the day all the more special… All my love.

I felt like an arsehole for being irritated by the dress and writing my name on the present my parents gave her.  So when she said she was knocked up, I thought it would be nice to crochet a blanket for her baby girl, who is expected this May.

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I thought I’d start it in January, so I’d have plenty of time to finish it.  Also I didn’t want to be stressing out mid-session at uni – trying to write essays and finish a blanket.

I started making it on the 8th of January.  These were the colours I picked.  My cousin’s favourite colour is aqua – it was hard to find colours that went with that.  But I sent her photo’s of a few options, to see what she thought.  This was her favourite combination.  I was a little concerned about the navy blue.

After I got home, I started crocheting like a demon possessed.  I liked this pattern, it was a join as you go granny pattern.

It grew really quickly.

Then I had to stop for a couple of days to write an essay for summer session.  After that I got back in to crocheting this speedy little speed blanket.

All of a sudden, the majority of the blanket was finished.  All that was left was to edge it and then the horrid task of stitching in all those little loose ends.  WORST PART OF BLANKET MAKING EVER!

But yesterday, in between reading and watching the  BBC’s Pride and Prejudice I finally finished it.  I made an entire blanket in less that a month.  Sometimes I really impress myself.  Like really impress myself.

It might even be the most impressive blanket I have ever made.  It is for a baby girl.  It is not pastel.  It is not pink.  Nobody else has this blanket.  I kind of like how it turned out.  I don’t think it is gender specific and I don’t care what anyone thinks. 


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