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But I have way too many assignments.
People consuming my free time.


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Hey Ladies!!

Just a quick mention.



This is a really charming little sight I just fell on.  Have a look, it’s nice.

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So it’s lunch time, and I forgot my lunch and my money.  Oops.

Sitting in the campus library, piddling away the half hour on a computer.  Underneath a flourescent light that keeps flickering.  I think I may have a seizure, before I’m through.  Maybe I could make a compensation claim if that happened.  What wicked thoughts.

Feeling slightly socially retarded again.  Why didn’t I sit in the quad, with people from the class?  Meh!

Starting to ponder why I bought a Jane Austen box set a few years ago.  I haven’t even read them yet.  Well that’s a partial lie.  Years before I read most of Pride & Prejudice – but never finished, I think I was too young at the time though.  Last year I read a third of Northanger Abbey and quit that too.  I keep going to read one in full – but I always delay, by reading something else.

I’m starting to think, maybe I never really liked the writing.  Maybe I just like the movies and general ideas of the books.  But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, I just can’t bear reading them.

I don’t even know why.

I’m going to say this now, like every other time.  When I finish reading the book that I ‘m reading now (which is ‘The Yearling’) I am going to read one of the books in my very pretty feminine look boxed set of Jane Austen.

Then again maybe D.H Lawrence was right, maybe I can’t bear to read them because there is no sex in them.  Not just fornication type sex, but sex.  Who really knows. 

Certainly not me, because I can’t seem to complete one.

Maybe instead of a 50 book challenge, I should have made it a challenge to actually finish a Jane Austen book.

Oh well, lunch break is over.

If anyone in cyberland has and suggestions or ideas for feel free to leave them some where that people can see them.  (like the comments)

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Dear Author,

Why is it that when your series is marketed as a trilogy, even to the point where it clearly states on the cover something along the lines of – the third and final book, that it is a thrilling conclusion to the series.  Only to have posted on your website the 4th instalment coming to you in March 2011.

I hate you.

I hate your series.

So much that I read the first two books this week.

So much that I am about to start the third.

I keep saying after I finish reading a series that I will never start one again.  Boy do I get sucked in every time.

On a positive – I got my “Wreck This Journal” today.  I love it.

The End

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Google Verb Meme Thing

Elise NEEDS to grow up – that’s true

Elise LOOKS like a banana from the side – I know I don’t particularly like my profile but it does not look like a banana.

Elise SAYS if you don’t like me deal with it! – But why don’t you like me?

Elise DOES  not know exactly what she wants to do when she grows up. – Geez, now isn’t that the million dollar statement.

Elise WANTS to make soundtracks for the movies. – That kind of negates the previous statement

Elise HATES grocery shopping. – Does anyone actually like it?

Elise ASKS Sonic if he plans on leaving Soleanna once he defeats Eggman. – Sonic did not reply!!

Elise LIKES to see them and pets them saying "baby". – The internet has clearly been watching.

Elise EATS incognito. – Like putting sugar in my tea when no one is looking?

Elise WEARS doll wig. – No it’s my very own unhealthy hair.

Elise WAS ARRESSTED FOR assaulting an office after she tried to beat one of the spook unit guys with a garden hoe. – Not quite.

Elise LOVES her sling! – If I had one like Ayla’s I’m sure I’d love it.

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Wicked Snuggly

So it is now Monday evening, as I promised it is now continued.  Hoorah!  I suppose.

I did get out in that garden between laundry cycles and DVD’s and kitten snuggling.  While out there I even planted little itty bitty seeds.  I planted some Rosemary, Oregano and some heavenly little Johnny Jump Ups. (viola’s, heartsease etc) 

I also took some cuttings of my favourite daisy from my parents house.  A cutting from a cutting I took from a plant I purchased at my very first job at a nursery.  My very first job anywhere in fact.  I took three so hopefully all or at least one of them grows. 

I even planted to potted colour I got last week in the garden near the front door.  Hopefully they’ll make it look more inviting out there.  It’ll look really good when the stump from the ornamental ficus is removed completely.

Beautiful faced Pansies/Violas.  So lovely.

Then I got my mean gardener on, and got out the environmentally better than the bad weedkiller, weedkiller and my spray gun out.  I went all Hitler on the weeds down the side alley and the weeds in the trough like garden just off the deck.  Makes me sick just thinking about them, and that I resorted to POISON.  It’s a huge job, I wouldn’t have used it had I a smaller garden.

Whilst slaughtering the weedies down the side I caught a glimpse over the neighbours fence and what do you think I saw?  I saw the loveliest of all the lovely things I had seen today in there yard.  So lovely, I ran back to the bench and got my camera back out and put the longer lense on.

You want to see?

Yes you do!  I’ll show you!

What a delightfully attractive Magnolia.

I wish it was growing in my yard instead.

And because I thought this was worth posting also. 

We’ll leave it with Lavender now though I suppose.  Because Top Gear UK is on.

Evening.  Peace be the journey =)

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It’s not summertime. 

Winter.  Yuk.

I had to get a train to work this morning. That was enjoyable, at 7.30am.  I was breathing continuous steam demons it was so cold. 

People (customers) suck, this is why;

  • Why be so rude?
  • Why be so fat, stupid and docile?
  • Why be so unfriendly?
  • Why stand in a cue at self serve when there are three employed service cashiers standing at the express checkouts doing nothing?
  • Then again if you don’t like our service, or think you can do it better maybe you should go serve yourself.  JERKS
  • Why make or take a phone call while I’m trying to do my job?  How am I supposed to determine how your going to pay or speak to you about your transaction when your to freaking rude to get off the phone?
  • Oh sorry, is it rude if I interrupt your phone call to complete this transaction so everyone else can be served sometime this century?
  • You aren’t allowed to sell more alcohol to intoxicated people, you aren’t allowed to let chronic gamblers gamble, you aren’t allowed to let minors smoke cigarettes.  But, why am I allowed to continually sell bad (unhealthy) food to morbidly obese people to inflict upon there morbidly obese children?  It is not right.  OBESITY EPIDEMIC!!!  FAT CHILDREN DISGUST ME, AN 8 YEAR OLD CHILD SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE GILBERT GRAPES MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • At 7.30am on a Sunday morning, why is it that you line up outside a supermarket that will be open until 10pm and is only ever closed on 2.5 days of the year to buy ‘FAT’ and ‘LUNG CANCER’?

Anyway, I just watched Little Women.  I feel happier.  I Love this song.  Oh, Garden State.  I should have watched that instead. 

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