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Do you remember along time ago when I started making this?


This was the itty bitty plan.

The lovely delightful colours I chose.

The first set of colours! Oh the memories.


Making BILLIONS of tiny little squares.  They almost grew as fast as the lucky baby who belongs to this blanket. (Nephew)

The checking of size.  I remember going ‘Ooh almost half a blankets worth of little square bits’


The absolute agony of joining all the little squares together.  Wanting to kill myself rather than sew all these little ends in and chop all the loose threads off.


Well I forgot to give you the big TA DA! I finished it blog post!

I finished it quite literally the day before (3rd Sept) the baby shower, which was the 4th of September. 

The creation of this lovely cuddly snuggly nightmare to assemble began on the 11th of June 2010.

The baby is likely to be born this week or the next, so now probably really is a good to to celebrate this accomplishment.

So here it is!

Now if only I could accomplish finishing my ESSAY ON CLEOPATRA before tomorrow!

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Third week in.  Busy as a little beaver, busy like a squirrel preparing for winter.  All these exciting new things to learn and think about, and all the things I already know being rehashed in a class environment, boring me to the deaths.

First interesting task, was to prove to a teacher that we know how to use our Library cards. (Chuckle, like all good grown ups know how, right…)  So to prove that I know how, I borrowed The Catcher In The Rye, it was basically the only thing on my extensive “to read” list the TAFE library had. 

So I finally actually read it.  It was delightful, in a really angsty teen way. I wish I had read that when I was 16 or something.  Not that I didn’t appreciate it, but I think I may have brooded more if I had read it then.  As if I needed that.

I’ll come back when I have something more prepared.

Blog stats are crapper than ever.  Zero comments.  Going strong.  My new goal is to go from less than 10 hits a week to zero.  Now this is an achievable goal I think.  Don’t you blog viewing buttholes ruin this for me!!!

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So 2010 seems to have an abundance of purpose and directions all of a sudden.  Me becoming a little joiner so it would seem.

Firstly I have enrolled in a Tertiary Preparation class with intentions of going to University next year.  For perhaps… wait for it… a degree in English Literature, followed by a Diploma of Education (which of course would be a back up skill, if I fail at using the English Literature degree on its own).

I am excited for me.

Today was my very last day of community service too, 250 hours done, two hundred and fifty hours!  I am going to miss my op-shop nannas.  On the way out I grabbed a form to return as a volunteer worker, hopefully I’ll have time between school and work for it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do at least half a day a week.

I deleted my Facebook account.  I am proud of that. 

I have set myself the 50 book challenge, except so far I seem to be reading at a slimy little snails pace.  Haven’t even finished two books yet. 

I am almost finished reading The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M Auel.

I think I am a little fatigued from all the sex, sometimes whilst reading I’m thinking is 3-4 pages of sensual sexual sex really vital to the plot?  These epic sex scenes are just a little too epic, there isn’t even any build up to these sex scenes, it just feels like I’m getting laid at least once a chapter. 

I’m starting to feel the need to just flick through sex scenes to get to the actual story.  Given there are parts where it is needed and I suppose the descriptive mush of it all is required, but most of the scenes I feel the author could just say ‘they had epic sex’ the continue on with the stuff that counts, instead of padding out an epic story with so many luscious scenes of fornication.

So far, regardless of the fatiguing fornication I am enjoying The Mammoth Hunters.

Maybe I should go finish it now, then set myself more achievable goals.

-TTFN, Ta Ta For Now (as T-I-Double G-Rrrrr would say)

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