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So close to the end of October.  It seems my goal to blog regularly is failing miserably.  Not only have I not blogged I have not received any comments except from my friend The Mermaid, and one other living soul whom I have never met, but do appreciate the comment all the same. 

Is there something I do wrong?  Am I just not interesting?  Do I not blog enough to deserve the Blogging love which seems to be out there in millions, but just not for me?

It is because I am not inspirational isn’t it.  Because I do not inspire greatness or thoughtfulness anything of interest.

Regardless I’ll continue.

The last three months have swam by so rapidly I don’t even know where to begin.

Wait, I do.

For a brief while, I say this because I wish it had lasted longer than the week or so it did.  I was lost entirely to The Sookie Stackhouse books.  Falling for bad ass Vampires like Eric Northam (giggle).  A series of nine books by Charlaine Harris, HBO have made a TV series ‘True Blood’ which I suppose is good like all things if you haven’t read the books.  These books were so fantastical I averaged reading a book and a half a day, my greatest success was reading the third and fourth books all in one Tuesday. 

I was even inspired to find recipes for traditional ‘Southern Style Sweet Tea’, which I made and was delighted to drink on a deck chair whilst reading the books in the sun.

I finally rescued my baby roses from my mother who had them on the verge of death and disease, but look I fixed them so well they are blooming.

My baby fuzz baby boy was neutered this week.  Poor little sausage.

I made this with my brand new shiny Clover rotary cutter and sewing machine skills.  Finn liked it.

Picasa Content

Then I grew some Tomatoes.

Be back when I have something to say.

The End

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