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It’s not summertime. 

Winter.  Yuk.

I had to get a train to work this morning. That was enjoyable, at 7.30am.  I was breathing continuous steam demons it was so cold. 

People (customers) suck, this is why;

  • Why be so rude?
  • Why be so fat, stupid and docile?
  • Why be so unfriendly?
  • Why stand in a cue at self serve when there are three employed service cashiers standing at the express checkouts doing nothing?
  • Then again if you don’t like our service, or think you can do it better maybe you should go serve yourself.  JERKS
  • Why make or take a phone call while I’m trying to do my job?  How am I supposed to determine how your going to pay or speak to you about your transaction when your to freaking rude to get off the phone?
  • Oh sorry, is it rude if I interrupt your phone call to complete this transaction so everyone else can be served sometime this century?
  • You aren’t allowed to sell more alcohol to intoxicated people, you aren’t allowed to let chronic gamblers gamble, you aren’t allowed to let minors smoke cigarettes.  But, why am I allowed to continually sell bad (unhealthy) food to morbidly obese people to inflict upon there morbidly obese children?  It is not right.  OBESITY EPIDEMIC!!!  FAT CHILDREN DISGUST ME, AN 8 YEAR OLD CHILD SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE GILBERT GRAPES MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • At 7.30am on a Sunday morning, why is it that you line up outside a supermarket that will be open until 10pm and is only ever closed on 2.5 days of the year to buy ‘FAT’ and ‘LUNG CANCER’?

Anyway, I just watched Little Women.  I feel happier.  I Love this song.  Oh, Garden State.  I should have watched that instead. 


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One for the road.

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Thursday already. 

It seems everyone is blogging about Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, and like everyone else I am dying to see it!!!  It will be so morbidly delightful.  Suppose the waiting till 2010 will just make it all the more ‘muchly anticipated’.  Only if I could find something on YouTube that wasn’t fan made.   Oh well, to the waiting game!!!

While looking for sneaky peaks on YouTube I did however find a delightfully funny little clip ripping on Twilight.

Speaking of Twilight.  That poor guy Robert Pattinson, poor guy as in the sense he’s being mobbed by a bunch of raving lunatics who think he is Edward Cullen, the Vampire.  (Look at this you made him get hit by a cab)  Girls he’s just some good looking lad named Robert who pretended to be Edward.  Let’s give him a break, we don’t want him to stress out and go into hiding like that Susan Boyle chick do we?  No, we don’t.  We want him to keep making movies, because he’s a good actor, we want to see that he’s got more in his pockets than just Edward Cullen. 

I think it’s sad that there are girls hurling themselves at the guy.  I know if I were him and there were screaming banshees hurling themselves at me all day and asking for kisses and hugs and photo’s and things only Rob can know of, I would go home and laugh myself to death at the pathetic desperateness of you all!!

I think a lot of people must forget that celebrities are people too.  Why can’t we enjoy their music or acting without the freaky over the top hero worship?  Ok, I understand a couple of posters on the wall and a desktop background and having all the DVD’s or whatever.  But mobbing people on the street?  What is that?  The poor guy has to deal with lunatics with cameras following him around trying to capture something cutting edge like him blowing his nose on his sleeve or something else so completely ridiculous.

I don’t think people understand how stressful being followed by people with cameras is.  Speaking from experience I may have only been followed by one freak with a camera and put on page three of the local rag for something I don’t particularly wish to discuss in cyber land, but it was scary. 
They don’t just follow you, if your lucky enough to escape them they follow the people you were with.  Your mum, your dad, your family or friends, hoping to catch something.  In Rob’s case something to sell a magazine or whatever media they use to make money.  Then adding to that stress a horde of screaming girls and women just wanting to touch him for some stupid celebrity crush.

Put yourself in his place, except let’s just say you aren’t famous and you’re just a person.  A person with feelings.  Let’s say you’re just trying to buy coffee and bizarre, creepy men with lusty desire in their eyes surround you and just want to touch you, and perhaps ‘never wash that hand again’ are you ok with that?  Do you welcome the unwanted touching, following, creepiness of it all?

Is it because they are celebrity we assume to know them?  Is that why we want to stalk them and touch them and sell things from their garbage bins on EBay to fanatics? 


We know celebrities as a persona, that’s who we stalk and worship.  We don’t fall in love with actors or musicians we fall in love with how they make us feel.

For example; when you watch the Notebook, you aren’t crying because you are in love with Ryan Gosling or Rachael McAdams.  You cry because of the series of events which happen in their characters lives and how as actors they emote the love, pain, fear, sadness or happiness or whatever emotion it is they are feeling.  Good acting makes you take a little bit of that on and you feel it too.  That’s why we make films or write books to share a little bit of what we feel with everyone else. 

Our emotions, what we feel is what makes us human.  I think we forget this.  These people we put on pedestals, make them godlike are only human, they can fall.  When they do fall, there will be twice as many camera men and twice as many magazine covers with life shattering statements.  This seems hardly fair.  We get so much more from celebrities than they could ever possibly get from us.  So undeserving, building them up so high only to watch them fall. 

People make mistakes, we are not perfect.  

Remember this guy?  He has a point.  I don’t know if I’m as passionate.

And because I can, Seth Green.

This blog went in a completely different direction than I expected, so yay, go me.  Hope someone enjoyed the incoherent babble for a little while.


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This is a really cool clip. I can’t be bothered joining the site to embed it here, so just click the link.

People are strange from Denis Fongue on Vimeo.

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Day off.  Huzzah!!  The way I choose to spend this rainy day off.  Weeping on the couch snuggled in a blankie watching Sense & Sensibility.  It makes me happy, knowing that I found my very own Colonel Brandon.  What a gem!  Alan Rickman *sigh*  Kate Winslet *sigh*

So my 21st century version of Colonel Brandon took me to the cinema on Saturday and we saw STAR TREK.  I promptly fell in love.  Man crush to the max!  I am certainly crushing on the new Captain Kirk (Chris Pine, who has an awesome set of eye brows just like my “Colonel”) and Spock, what good looking lads.  Oh and the movie was great too.  I even teared up in the opening sequence and other emotionally fuelled parts through out the film.  SEE IT NOW!!!

Star Trek – Go See It!

Chris Pine quinto-spock

Yum!  I want a job on the S.S Enterprise.

Back to the real world.  Catching a bus for 50mins to work each day SUCKS!  The best part is listening to a Harry Potter audio book on my IPod.  Also mentioning at the end of a work shift all I want to do is go home, but I have to wait and hour for a bus home then the 50min journey home!!!!  I just want to be home already.  Having to go to work sucks.

I made a key ring for my house keys, you want to see?  As if you get a choice the photo will go here.  =)


Also I’ve been crocheting my little fingers to the bone while watching TV, DVD’s you name it.  I need to be doing something with my hands otherwise I just fall into the chronic habit of chewing my skin around my fingers to the point of excessive bleeding and stinging.  Not cool.  The crocheting helps keep the little nasties away from my mouth and damaging them compulsively.

So I’ve been learning a few tricks (thanks to some handy blog sites)  I can now not only just crochet a granny square but I’ve just learned how to crochet Triangles and squares with circle centres and I’m just amazing to myself.  I’ll show you.

two types of squares

triangle sample one

You can learn to crochet too.  Here are some useful links:

Attic 24 – This lady is inspirational

Meet Me At Mikes

So I was at the Op-Shop the other day, doing my mandatory volunteer day and I found some pretty cool things.  I found a Pokemon board game.  Which I intend to give to my youngest brother (15 nearly 16) he is absolutely obsessed.  He plays Pokemon on his Nintendo DS all the time, so I thought the board game would be absolutely hilarious.  I even checked what was missing and out of the whole thing it’s only missing the dice, a character mover (big deal so 5 people can play instead of 6) and 2 cards.  Good Value.

pokemon board game from opshop present for geordy
Also I purchased myself a Harry Potter Trivia game, I’ll probably only ever play that with the younger brothers anyway.

harry potter trivia board game from opshop

Yes, I’m reverting to Harry Potter.  I personally need a break from Vampires.  Harry can give me that break.  Oh and not to mention the Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince film is coming to a cinema near you NEXT MONTH!!!!

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Trailer

Also at that lovely little Op-Shop I found a delightful little pocket size

Shakespeare Treasury.  Marianne from Sense & Sensibility would LOVE it.  It is just awesome.  I keep it in my Justice League backpack in case I get board at bus stops and things.

antique shakespeare opshop find

Ok, now Sense & Sensibility is finished so I’m thinking of continuing the binge.  I’m thinking Emma (the one with Kate Beckinsale, because Gwyneth Paltrow irritates me) then if I feel like it I might watch Mansfield Park then Northanger Abbey.  All whilst blogging and doing house chores of course.  I couldn’t just sit here all day bingeing.

Whilst talking about Austen binges I’d like to mention a Television series ‘Lost In Austen’.  I’ve heard some terrible things saying it butchered the classic Pride & Prejudice and that it was just plain stupid.  I think this may be the opinion of the kind of person who thinks Master Chef and Big Brother is good TV.  Lost in Austen was an amazingly clever spin on the classic, of course it didn’t follow the plot!!!  When the main character switches places with someone from our time of course that’s going to spin things out of normal.  Of course the plot and flow of the story you know is going to change.  That is why it is CLEVER and funny and entertaining.  That is what made it good TV.  I recommend watching it to anybody it was great.

Musically I’ve been listening to Angus and Julia Stone – A Book Like This it’s a great album because I can emote with it and feel it.  It’s painfully delicious!  Get it!!!  It is beautiful.

Well I’m off to binge on Austen while crocheting.

Love and Biscuits to you all!!!

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Not only am I sick now, but my manfriend Andrew is also sick. So sick he sounds sicker than I have the whole time. Stupid man.

Too sick to keep blogging…

I’ll be back for anyone who cares, eventually….

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Dear Tuesday,

Monday was okay, but I expected more from you. I’m sorry. I realise yet again, it is that yucky season where I am just going to be continually cold and fluey for the next 3 or 4 months. Not fair.

So I wasted Monday, lounging around coughing and relaxing and generally being sick. I managed to watch one of the coolest birthday presents a little brother could think of getting for an older sister, Pinnochio. Yes, I did cry. That is the magic of Disney.
I also managed to roast a chicken for my lovely Andrew 🙂

So Tuesday. Where did we go wrong? Well I did call in sick. Well technically Andrew went to work and called in sick for me, because Telstra are evil and we haven’t had phone or internet since forever! Okay well today while staying home sick and planning a lovely day of snuggling on the couch watching DVD’s and working on my crocheted granny squares. The lads from Telstra thought it would be a good day to fix our telecommunications and link to the world phone line. Huzzah!!

So the day ended at approx 11.28am. The internet was up and running. I updated everything you can possibly update on a computer. I then checked and responded to e-mails, almost 3 whole weeks worth. I then promptly fell in love like a ditzy school girl over the sneak peak at ‘New Moon’ on YouTube (you can too!!). After much swooning like a pathetic twenty-three year old, I then fell a little in love with Taylor Swift (which for me is completely out of character, I’m considering another Psych Evaluation). Adorably fun tunes, what can I say. You can YouTube that too!

Right now though I’m listening to Hollywood, by Angus & Julia Stone and boy does that song get me.

Now for a really cool Spider Photo on my Shiny Camera!!

my spidey senses are tingling

my spidey senses are tingling

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