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For the first time in my life I went and got someone, a professional to correctly fit me into a bra. 

You know what?  A bra that actually fits, is the most comfortable, delightful experience that money can buy.

It’s all about the right cup size.

You’ve seen the girls with the bra’s that a clearly too small because you can see their breasticles being smooshed out of it under their t-shirts.  I can assure you, those girls are not comfortable.  Those girls probably have under wires poking in, in all the wrong places.

Here’s an example I found of a poorly fitted bra showing the breast being smooshed out the top.

This image was found at Bra Fitting Cicade

If you are worried about your uncomfortable poorly fitted boobies in a wrong sized bra, take note you are currently reading this on the internet.  Make use of your favourite search engine and look up how to fit a bra, if you are too shy to seek help from a professional.  There are YouTube videos which you can search for as well.

I love my new bra, I plan on getting more that actually fit right.  You should do it too.  Not only will your breasties feel extreme comfort and support they will look better too, because they wont be looking strangled and mangled by a bra that is too small.

Get Fitted.


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