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There is something pleasurable about Monday’s, maybe it is due to the fact that I don’t have to go to work today.  I can sleep in.  Instead of working for someone else, I can work here and get stuff that we need to get done.  I can do it at a leisurely pace.  I don’t have to deal with the scum bags you deal with in a grocery store on registers every day. 

I’m alone. 

Except for Finn, he’s chewing on my wrist and getting excited watching the letters pop up as I type them.  He’s doing that little comfy march that cats do to make things comfy before they curl up, on my tummy inside my green cardigan.  I love him.  He is my hairy little mate, he keeps me company while my bigger hairier man friend is at work.  We are listening to Beethoven.  Because we can’t concentrate on a DVD and blog at the same time.

I have done two loads of laundry this morning (I did sleep in until 9.30am, what a baddy.  Tee Hee), I have also put away all the lovely clean dishes and pans in there special places in the cupboard.  My new jars are looking amazing, filled with Tea Bags and Sugar like a real kitchen.

With the laundry, I have taken the risk of hanging it on the outside, not undercover line.  It’s starting to get even more cloudier, so cloudy I may even need to do a laundry recovery dash very soon. 

I finally finished my emailing.  I don’t think I did a very good job this time.  I publicly apologise.

The Mermaid over at her J-I-G-G-L-E design studio (lol @ studio) has finally gotten an online store going for anyone who cares to see some of her amazing creations.  It can be found here.


This is only a small photographic sample of what she is capable of.  She does amazing things with fabric.  Millions of mini skirts/tutus, patchwork quilts, choker style jewellery.  Everything is handmade and designed by her eccentric lovable little brain.  Go there, buy her stuff it is UNIQUE.

My garden needs more work, so you can see the amazing plants that are hidden by the weeds.  For example.

This Grevillea.  It’s beautiful.

This Lavender.  It smells delightful.  The bee’s even think so.

I think I’ve just talked myself into going and planting the new viola’s I purchased.  I’ll show you when I’m finished.  I might even take cuttings of Daisies and plant seeds. 

Little Finn’s hug is to be ruined again.

To Be Continued….


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