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Happy Monday everyone!! 

What an eventful week it has been.  I’ll start with, Sometime last week while waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up from Westfield I thought it would be fun to look in the pet shop.

So I did.  That was my first mistake.  He made eye contact with me.  He, the cutest little furry I’ve ever seen.  My initial reaction was ‘oh, don’t you dare do that face at me you little turd’.  But he did.  So naturally every day this week, while I walked through the mall to get to the bus stop I casually strolled past the little pet shop and there he was.  Still in that hideous kitten tank they were keeping him in.  Looking as lonely and adorable as ever.

So by Thursday just after lunch while at work after spending most of the week text messaging nasty little ‘meows’ and kitten related messages to my boyfriend.  I made the decision if he was still there at 7pm-ish tonight after I finished work there would be the to purchase little furry or not discussion with boyfriend.

After boyfriends visual internal argument and distress about making a hasty addition to our little family, apparently cute little furry and I managed to win him over quite easily.  Had cute little furry been a puppy, I don’t think we would have been quite as successful at manipulating the situation.  LOL @ bad girlfriend and cute furry taking over the world one boyfriend at a time.


After a traumatic relocation, an hour and a half later cute furry was not so traumatised anymore.  He was playing and loving like we gave birth to him ourselves.

After two very furry love filled days of kitten naming we settled on the name Finnigan.  Yes that is what we named our kitten.  Finn, Finnie, Little Finn.

We did consider a thousand names, so it would seem.  More than one person did suggest a Michael Jackson derived name, because kitty is Black & White just like the song.  Sorry guys, no little Jacko, Jackson, MJ, Mikey, Mickey Jack whatever.  Finn. 

So far his personality is absolutely delightful.  He takes turns at the cuddles, so the mummy or the daddy get jealous.  He is very keen on the maintaining contact practically at all times.  He likes to play fun things.  He likes to sleep on you.  He likes to playfully nibble toes, noses, lips? and other bits.  He especially likes zippers on your coat and buttons on your pants for chewing. 

His little farts smell disgusting!

He likes to know what you are doing at all times and is keen to help.  He finds the mouse pointer on the computer screen fascinating and likes to chase it.  He runs like some flailing idiot all over our house, not stealthy yet.

WE LOVE HIM!!!!  I think he loves us too.  I’m glad he made eye contact seven days ago when I was just looking at pets in a pet shop to waste some time.

The weekend consisted of my younger brother coming over to meet our furry baby Finn.  While here boyfriend thought he’d do some yard work, like lawns and such.  So younger brother and I thought we’d do some yard work too. 

The side garden with conifers is on it’s way to be Tradescantia free. (Wandering Jew, Creeping Christian whatever other politically incorrect name for it you can think of?)  We managed to completely fill the green waste bin, so now there is a massive mountain of Trad, just sitting on the decking until the bin is emptied.  I think that will be next week.  Crap.


Now to the craft scene.  I’ve started crocheting the granny squares together.  I don’t know if I like them as much crocheted together though.  Maybe it’s just the way my mum showed me to crochet them together that I don’t like.  Maybe I should be trying to learn another way to crochet them together from one of those amazing inspirational crochet queens I usually post links too. 

While the Renapturous Mermaid was visiting last Monday we went shopping at Spotlight.  While there we found some funky yarn for me to crochet her a granny square treasure bag to go with her Mermaid Costume.  It’s not quite finished yet, as it needs strap.  Otherwise she’ll probably just drop it while she’s swimming around in that big ol’ ocean of fabric she has.  

Finn wanted to help, and look super cute.  So I let him.

Anyway, I think it’s cup of tea and time to reply to some emails.

Also, it does suck that MJ died.  I’m just to wrapped up in Kitten Clouds to care right now.

Thanks for coming.  =)


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Of course the weekend I’m supposed to have off because I’m finally doing that grown up thing and fleeing the nest, I get sick.
Sick with the aches and pains, snot dripping continuously from the nose and the itchy scratchy throat irritation.  Funny right?  Wrong.

So yesterday I made the effort of moving some of my things. Mainly things of importance like; clothes, kitchen necessities and bathroom and cleaning items. More importantly my possesions for epic outdoor shenanigans.

By epic outdoor shenanigans I mean gardening.

  • These items consisted of my brand shiny new ‘ergonomically desgined spade’ (yes a spade, spades are for digging and cutting. Shovels are for moving piles of dirt and poop), my new super pruners with the super medium length handles and the anvil head.
  • My poison (which says it’s better for the environment than most herbicides, as in it’s non residual and not harmful to water ways) which I intend to use on the evil villainous weed TRADESCANTIA or the now politically incorrect weed sometimes called ‘Wandering Jew’ or Creeping Christian.  I also purchased a really cool sprayer with pump action and hosing functions!  Also super arm length chemical safe gloves.  Safety first!  I also intend to use this poison to remove a tree which is going to inevitably damage our shiny little house, because some moron thought it would be nice to plant an ornamental fig right against the house!! IDIOTS.

    This is a NOXIOUS WEED

    This is a NOXIOUS WEED

  • My Trugg.  I’m not sure why it’s called that or even if it is called that. It is a biggish flexible bucket with hand holes on the side.  I need something to carry my gardening bits in and to put scraps in.

    Super Trug!!!

    Super Trug!!!

More on the ornamental fig.  Yesterday while sick and waiting for my Dad to fix the lock on mine and Andrew’s (the boyfriend) back door I thought I would play (responsibly) with my new super pruners.  I had a go at the old fig.  On closer inspection I notice someone else, possibly someone as clued in as I had previously tried to cut the tree down, without success.  Basically the tree I was “pruning” savagely was just super shoots growing from an already cut down, but not so dead tree stump.  Man will I teach that little sucker.

Snotfest Super Fun.  So my little brother also seems to have tickets to snotfest.  It took us an hour and a half to set up a LAN game of Age Of Mythology.  Turns out it doesn’t work when he is playing in the expansion pack and you are playing in the original.  Turns out you don’t need to configure anything, you just need to be in the same game.  People should listen to me.  That was funfest!

I am looking forward to playing in my little kitchen and my little house and my little garden.  I am looking forward to progress photo’s and blogging about all the work we do on it.  I am looking forward to everything, except having to go to work YUK.

I’m currently reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and I like it.

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